Extramural research awards ($ in millions, 2012-13)
Federal 80.1
Nonfederal 20.4
Total awards 100.5
Federal research awards by agency (in millions)
Energy 26.5
Health and Human Services 21.9
USDA 21.8
NSF 6.3
NASA 0.6
Interior 1.4
Other 1.0

More Facts:

  • 10 CALS doctoral programs rank among the top 15 percent of their peer groups nationally, according to the most recent study by the National Research Council. Programs with average rankings in the top 15 percent include biochemistry, forestry, mass communications, nutritional sciences, and plant breeding and  plant genetics. Animal science, dairy science, entomology, food science and microbiology had average rankings that placed them in the top 25 percent of programs nationally.
  • In the Chronicle of Higher Education faculty scholarly productivity index, UW-Madison ranks 1st in the nation in animal sciences, food science and plant sciences. We are in the top 10 of all 14 agricultural and life sciences fields.