Plant & Animal Health

Study Plant & Animal Health at UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
If you want to work with plant or animals, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is the place for you. You can work with wild animals and learn about natural resource issues. You can study topics such as animal physiology and reproduction. Whether you are to be a veterinarian, pursue careers in animal agriculture, including dairy sciences, and study genetics or work with wildlife, CALS is a great place to be.

Are plants your passion? In CALS, you can delve into critical topics such as the relationships between soils, plants and climates. You can study production agriculture, plant diseases, and learn how to create, produce and distribute food and specialty crops. And you can prepare for careers in horticulture, landscaping, parks, forestry and turf grass management at major sports venues. If you want to work with plants, we have an academic fit for you.

Students in our college can explore their interests, get a solid education and put the two together in a satisfying and incredibly interesting career.

Explore Majors in Plant & Animal Health: