Guide to Making Curriculum Exceptions

CALS faculty have adopted a standardized process for making exceptions to curricular requirements:

  1. If the course is a College requirement, the Associate Dean can make a decision using faculty guidelines or, if no guidelines exist, can refer the request to the Scholastic Policies and Actions Committee (SPAC) for a decision.
  2. If the course is a departmental requirement, the department makes the decision and shares the request with an Associate Dean for final approval.

Students use a special form, called the Request for DARS Exception Form, to make a request for substitutions or waivers for degree requirements. The request must be approved, and the form signed, by the student’s advisor and, when applicable, a faculty member in the department. Requests for exceptions to the last 30 credits in residence policy may be submitted via this form when 6 or fewer credits are requested. Requests to complete 7 or more of the final 30 credits out of residence as well as other requests for special consideration not appropriate for the DARS Exception Form may be submitted using the SPAC Request Form. The student should submits the completed forms to the Office of Academic Affairs – in 116 Agricultural Hall.