Ethics and Research

CALS Ethics Policy
CALS has established a mechanism for students or other researchers to report suspected incidences of scientific misconduct on the part of anyone including professors. The details of the whistle blower policy can be found in a PDF document here.

Research with Human Subjects
The university’s new guidelines regarding training for reseach involving human subjects can be found here. Other links and more information are on the Research Division website.

Research with Animals
Research will animals is overseen by RARC (Research Animal Resourses Center) on the UW campus. The policies on the ethics of animal use can be found at Other sections on the RARC web site contain information about training and contact information.

Scientific Integrity
The Office of Research Integrity at the National Institutes of Health provides a wealth of information on topics related to scientific integrity.

Books and Articles
“The Allocation of Credit,” “Authorship Practices” and “Error and Negligence in Science” in On Being a Scientist. National Academy Press, Washington D. C., 1995.

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