Related Courses for Credit

Courses in ethical conduct in research
Courses discuss topics such as peer review, authorship, intellectual property, human subject research, interpersonal relationships in collaborations, conflicts of interest, treatment of data, and misconduct in research. See the Graduate Catalog for more information on specific courses. (Not all of these courses are offered through CALS; each school/college is listed in parentheses next to the course.)

  • General Courses
    Horticulture 875: Research Ethics (CALS)
    Environmental Studies 900: Professional Skills Training Seminar (NI)
  • Courses that meet all the requirements for NIH trainees
    Oncology 675: Appropriate Conduct and Effective Communication in Science (SMPH)
    Surgical Sciences 812: Research Ethics and Career Development (SVM)
    Bacteriology 901: Advanced Seminar: responsible conduct in research (CALS)
    Medical History and Bioethics 999: Research Ethics, cross-listed with Horticulture 875 and Agronomy 875 (SMPH)
  • Courses that only partially meet the requirements for NIH trainees
    Medical History and Bioethics 545: Ethical and regulatory issues in clinical investigation (SMPH)
    Medical History and Bioethics 559: Human experimentation course (SMPH)
    Medical History and Bioethics 565: Ethics of modern biotechnology (SMPH (cross-listed with Agronomy, Philosophy, and Rural Sociology)
    Medical History and Bioethics 728: Bioethics and society (SMPH)
    Medical History and Bioethics 905: Bioethics and the law (SMPH)
    Medical History and Bioethics 906: Law, Science, and Biotechnology (SMPH)


CALS = College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
NI = Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
SMP = School of Medicine and Public Health
SVM = School of Veterinary Medicine