CALS Graduate Programs


Graduate programs administered in CALS span a broad range of training programs from production agriculture to the basic sciences. Of those programs, some are specific to one department, some are inter-departmental, and some are broad training programs that include faculty trainers and students in multiple schools and colleges on the University of Wisconsin campus. Some are not degree programs by themselves, but serve as portals of entry into degree programs. To obtain information about specific programs, visit the UW-Madison Graduate School’s Our Academic Programs page.

An important note to prospective students:

You may apply to more than one program simultaneously without filing multiple applications or paying multiple application fees. One application to the Graduate School can be made in which the programs applied for can be indicated. Your application will be forwarded to each program you indicate in the graduate school application.

However, you must send a complete set of records including transcripts, test scores, and other required documents to each program to which you are applying. Individual programs will not review your application if they do not receive hard copies of the required documents. Applicants should consult the homepage for each program to check on the requirements for completing an application.

Graduate programs: 

For a complete list of offerings, please visit the UW-Madison Graduate School’s Our Academic Programs page.

For more information:

More information about graduate studies at UW-Madison can be found at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate School website, including how to apply.