Professional Development

Teaching Resources

Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning
CIRTL promotes the development of a national faculty in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse student audiences as part of their professional careers.

Delta Program
The Delta Program is a research, teaching and learning community for faculty, academic staff, post-docs, and graduate students that will help current and future faculty succeed in the changing landscape of science, engineering, and math higher education. Through three core ideas: teaching-as-research, learning-through-diversity, and learning community, the Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning supports current and future science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) faculty in their ongoing improvement of student learning. The Delta Program offers the Delta Teaching Certificate and other programs for students in the natural and social sciences.

Research Mentor Training Program
This program is a collaboration between WISCIENCE and the Delta Program. Mentor training seminars, meant to be taken alongside as you mentor an undergraduate, provide useful tools and strategies, as well as offering the support of a learning community and individualized problem-solving. The seminar is STEM focused and uses the Entering Mentoring curriculum.

Scientific Teaching Fellows Program
This two-semester program offers theory and practice in instructional materials development and classroom teaching in science, focusing particularly on meeting the needs of first-year undergraduates and students from underrepresented groups. Fellows create materials for a first-year course during the spring semester, then team teach the course during the fall as instructors of record. Fellows are in charge of the class from start to finish and get to experience all aspects of teaching and running a class.

Teaching Academy
The UW-Madison Teaching Academy promotes effective education by encouraging innovation, experimentation, and dialogue about teaching and learning. It is composed of faculty members and instructional staff who provide leadership to strengthen undergraduate, graduate, and outreach teaching and learning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Future Faculty Partner program (FFP) within the Teaching Academy encourages a commitment to teaching in the next generation of college and university educators. Affiliation with FFP allows those with a continuing academic connection to UW-Madison who are engaged in graduate or professional study for a career in higher education teaching to apply to be a ‘Future Faculty Partner’ of the Teaching Academy.

Teaching and Learning Excellence@UW-Madison
TLE@UW-Madison is an all-campus virtual center aimed at helping to enrich courses and teaching by providing a crossroads among the many campus and college organizations and services available at UW-Madison.

Teaching and Learning Symposium
TLS offers professional development courses, workshops, and symposia.

Since 1989, WISCIENCE (the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement) has collaborated with educators at all levels to create model programs, courses, events, projects, resources, forums for dialogue, and other solutions that help broaden participation in science and make science education and mentoring more effective for more people—at UW-Madison, in K-12 schools, and beyond. WISCIENCE provides a temporary or permanent home for effective solutions that have no other means of support, so its constellation of programming continually evolves in response to community-identified needs.