Other Professional Development Resources

Books on Professional Development

  • Lab Dynamics: Management Skills for Scientists
    By Carl M. and Suzanne L. Cohen, Science Management Associates, Newton
    Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press 2005
    ISBN 978-087969816-4
    Details from the publisher here.
  • Entering Mentoring
    This guide developed by HHMI Professor, Jo Handelsman, and her colleagues and co-founders of the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, raises questions about teaching expectations, mentoring as a function of training new teachers, and dealing with diverse learning styles, personal styles, ethnicity, experience, gender and nationality.
    Available for download here.
  • Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Post docs and New Faculty.
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund
    Available for download here.
  • Training Scientists to Make the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Developing Programs in Scientific Management
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund
    Available for download here.

Committee on Institutional Cooperation
The CIC is a consortium of 12 research universities, including the 11 members of the Big Ten Conference and the University of Chicago. the mission of CIC is to advance academic excellence by sharing resources and promoting and coordinating collaborative activities across the member universities.

Graduate Women in Science (GWIS)
WIS (Sigma Delta Epsilon) provides opportunities for members to present seminars and also offer grants and fellowships. They can be contacted at:

  • GWIS, University of Wisconsin-Madison Beta Chapter
  • Box 23 Union South
  • 227 N. Randall Street
  • Madison WI 53715

Humans and the Global Environment
An IGERT (integrative Graduate Education and Research Traneeship) grant from the National Science Foundation supports the creation of a graduate Certificate on Humans and the Global Environment (CHANGE) and provides fellowships for PhD students. The program involves faculty members in departments ranging across atmospheric and oceanic sciences, ecology, environmental studies, veterinary medicine, and sociology.

Strategic Management in the Life and Engineering Sciences
The Strategic Management in the Life and Engineering Sciences (SMILES) MBA program fuses leading-edge science with strategy and policy making.

Ten Simple Rules for Scientists
The open access Public Library of Science (PLoS) journals have provided short narratives called “Ten simple rules” for collaborating, getting a post-doc, getting a grant, designed good talks, designing good posters, publishing, and reviewing. The documents are available for download as PDF files (requires Adobe Reader).

Tips on Keeping Good Lab Notebooks

UW Biology Outreach Club

UW-Madison’s Guide to Professional Development Resources
The Guide provides a complication of resources on professional development available to graduate students.

WARF’s Lab Book Guidelines
The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation offers this helpful guide on recordin, maintaining, and storing laboratory notebooks.

Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI)
WISELI is a centralized administrative structure with a mission to address impediments to women’s academic advancement and is a useful resource for everyone affiliated with the UW.

PhDNet, the online community for graduate students and PhDs
PhDnet is an online resource for graduate students that could found “here” (www.phdnet.org). The site has an online newsletter and lots of tips on how to go about graduate studies. It was created by Dora Farkas, who received her PhD from MIT.