Scholarship & Fellowships

It is important to understand the submission process for proposals for a scholarship, fellowship, or grant from an extramural agency. If you are a graduate student in a CALS department or a post-doctoral researcher in a CALS department or who plans to join a CALS department no matter where you are currently located, you should contact Rebecca Bound, Research Administrator, (608) 265-8443, You will be provided with guidelines that will make the submission process go smoothly.  For more on scholarships, fellowships, and grants, go the CALS Research Division page at

If you are applying for a scholarship or fellowship through CALS, the application process that must be followed can be found here. You should also consult the Guidelines for Graduate Students seeking Extramural Support and Writing Proposals, which can be found here.

Opportunities at UW-Madison

Through CALS:

  • Graduate Research Scholars Advanced Opportunity Fellowships (AOF)
    AOF fellowships are awarded to graduate students representing minorities and under-represented groups. Graduate programs apply for AOF fellowships on behalf of students through the Graduate Research Scholars Program run jointly between CALS and the School of Medicine and Public Health.

Through the Graduate School:

  • Knapp House
    The Knapp House is a unique community of scholars sharing varied research and recreational interests and diverse cultures. The Marie Christine Kohler fellowship offers an exceptional opportunity for advanced graduate and professional students from diverse disciplines to reside, rent-free, in the former Governor’s Mansion now known as the Knapp House. Departments can nominate students each spring.