UW Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Advising

How does an advisor help me?

An advisor will help you:

  • Select courses that meet degree requirements and prepare you for your career
  • Provide insight regarding options for careers or further schooling
  • Identify research and internship opportunities

Understanding how advising works in CALS will allow you to make the most of your education. Good advising can contribute to academic and professional success. Advising is a two-way process; advisors are most effective when you actively seek their guidance, prepare for meetings, and have reasonable and realistic expectations.

All CALS students are assigned an advisor in their academic discipline. This person need not be their only advisor. Students are encouraged to seek academic and career advice from many sources including: their assigned academic advisor, their laboratory or job supervisor, mentors in their field of interest, staff in 116 Ag Hall, and peers. Seeking multiple perspectives helps students learn about opportunities and provides enough information for them to make good decisions. Developing a network of advisors and mentors is an important part of professional development.

The UW-Madison campus is very large and some students have difficulty finding the excellent advising recourses available to them. If you need help finding information about your academic program, careers, graduate or professional schools see staff in 116 Ag Hall.

CALS Transitional Advising Service

Are you a Current UW-Madison student interested in learning how CALS majors might fit into your academic and career goals? Schedule an advising appointment with Molly Reinhard, or Cindy Fendrick in our Transitional Advising Service (TAS). In addition to being the academic advising home for undeclared students within CALS, the Transitional Advising Service helps students from across campus explore CALS opportunities.

Schedule an advising appointment with Molly Reinhard, Cindy Fendrick, or Lauren Foley by calling 608.262.3003, stopping by 116 Ag Hall, or via Schedule Assistant:

Lauren Foley’s Schedule
Molly Reinhard’s Schedule
Cindy Fendrick’s Schedule