Exploring Careers

Investigating career paths is an important part of your education. The resources below will help you understand what careers are available in your field, the types of jobs that meet your skills and interests, and begin to think about how best to structure your college experience to enter the career of your choice.

  • CareerLocker – Learn about careers in various fields, take interest and personality assessments, and see the career outlook for your chosen field.
  • Glassdoor – Research organizations, nationwide salary data, interview preparation resources, and job search engine.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook – Information pertaining to hundreds of occupations: what workers do, how much money they make, the training or education needed, the job prospects, and occupations that are related.
  • UW-Madison’s Career Exploration Center – Talk to a career advisor outside of your major field. This can be especially helpful if you are undecided about a major.
  • Health Careers Information Center – Discover careers in healthcare.