CALS Policy on Special Fees for Courses

  • CALS adopts, in total, the UW System policy on Special Course Fees (General Administrative Policy Paper 29, 10/23/91).
  • Section III-B of the UW System policy describes the situations in which a special course fee MAY be charged. CALS adopts the following additional conditions that must be met in order to charge a special course fee:
    1. Teaching the course must require an extraordinary cost, well beyond the level that can reasonably be funded by the normal supply and expense budget of the department.
    2. These extraordinary costs cannot be covered as “incidentals” to the course, as specified in Section III-D of the UW System policy.
    3. The course clearly cannot be offered without the special charge.


  • In dealing with requests for a special course fee, the dean will make a written determination, acting as the designee of the UW Madison Chancellor under Section IV of the UW System policy.