Adding or Dropping Courses

The deadlines, instructions and forms for adding and dropping courses are included on the Registrar’s website.

Adding a Course

In the first two weeks of any semester, students may add courses using their MyUW account without any authorizations. At the end of the first two weeks of instruction, students only need permission from the department which controls the course enrollment. After the 9 week drop deadline, students need approval of both the department and the Dean’s Office to add courses.

Dropping a Course

A student can drop a course with no notation on the transcript through the Wednesday of the second week of classes.

After that time and up to the drop deadline, a student can drop a class and the transcript will show a “DR” for the class.

After the drop deadline (end of the ninth week of class) the student can drop a class only with special Dean’s permission.

CALS faculty have established guidelines for the use of Dean’s permission. Essentially, something must have happened, beyond the student’s control, that either prevented the student from dropping the course before the deadline or prevents the student from completing the course.

Requesting an extension of the drop deadline

All students are told they can request an extension of the drop deadline if the student needs more time to gather information to make a decision on dropping a course. For example, a midterm exam may be given just prior to the drop deadline and the student will not know the grade until after the deadline. Decisions to extend the deadline are made on a case-by-case basis.

To request an extension:

  • The student contacts his/her advisor prior to the drop deadline; and
  • The advisor requests an extension from the Associate Dean, Office of Academic Affairs