Employment Options

Academically able students can carry a full course load of 12 to 18 credits and work part-time. Generally, after adjusting to college life, students can work 10-12 hours per week without undue strain.

In fact, many students who work part-time earn better grades than students with no outside employment. A good schedule for work and study, and efficient use of available time are the keys to success for the working student.

All students seeking any kind of financial aid should work full-time during the summer unless it is necessary to attend summer school. Some full-time summer jobs offering the student valuable professional experience are available in several of the departments in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Students may also find part-time jobs throughout the school year with these departments.

The Office of Student Financial Aid administers the federally-funded Work-Study Program for students who qualify, and operates a Student Employment Section to assist students (and spouses of married students) in locating jobs on the UW-Madison Campus and in the City of Madison. Students are urged to contact the Student Employment Office and avail themselves of its services.

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