Honors Program

The CALS Honors Program allows talented and ambitious students to distinguish themselves academically. The objective of the Honors Program is to help students develop critical thinking abilities through specialized courses and to provide students the challenge of designing, conducting, and reporting research in collaboration with faculty from one of the world’s leading research institutions.

We offer three different paths to earn an Honors degree. For all three, it is highly recommended that students initiate the programs in their freshman year, though later admission can be discussed with the CALS Academic Affairs Office in Room 116 Agriculture Hall (608-262-3003, academicaffairs@cals.wisc.edu).

The Program:

  • Provides opportunities for highly motivated students to become involved with research beginning their freshman year
  • Allows students to develop a collaborative relationship with a CALS faculty member
  • Challenges students to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities
  • Prepares students to develop and carrying out an independent research project

Students who complete the program successfully will receive an Honors designation on their diplomas.