Honors in Research

CALS students can earn an Honors Degree by participating in the University’s great research tradition. The Honors in Research track requires students to complete two research projects, an introductory project and a senior thesis project. Students work under the guidance of a faculty mentor for both projects.

In the course of this program, it is expected that the student will: (i) learn the background and methods of the discipline; (ii) identify an interesting and tractable problem or question for study; (iii) learn to draft a proposal defending the relevance and appropriateness of specific research efforts; (iv) demonstrate appropriate skills in working on that problem in a manner appropriate to a professional in the discipline; (v) analyze and interpret the results of their efforts; and (vi) present these results as a thesis and in an approved public forum.

To earn Honors in Research, students must first be admitted to the College’s Honors Program. Students must then make satisfactory progress toward the program requirements listed below and maintain a 3.25 GPA. Failure to maintain this progress will result in removal of the student from the Honors Program.

Program requirements:

  • Introductory research project and presentation
  • Two courses – InterAg 388 and 488
  • At least four Senior Thesis credits 681 / 682
  • Senior Thesis research project and presentation
  • Senior Thesis submission

Progress is monitored by the CALS Academic Affairs. Each May Honors students submit a letter to the Honors Dean in the Office of Academic Affairs that describes their accomplishments during the academic year. The letter should be signed by the student’s faculty mentor. The Honors Dean should receive this letter by May 1.

You can find the letter templates on our forms page.

Generally, students should follow the time line described here:

For more information contact us in CALS Academic Affairs at (608) 262-3003.