Individualized Honors

The Individualized Honors track is available in any major and degree program for the exceptional student for whom there is no suitable honors curriculum in the College. The student in this program must come to UW-Madison with excellent academic preparation, must have demonstrated an exceptional ability to acquire knowledge, and must have the potential to recognize and creatively solve problems. The program requires considerable maturity and initiative because the student is responsible for both the development of an Individualized Honors proposal and its successful completion.

Students may apply for admission to Individualized Honors at any time during the freshman or sophomore year, but it is highly recommended that the program be started by the beginning of the sophomore year. Immediately upon acceptance into Individualized Honors the student identifies an Individualized Honors Committee, with the assistance of the student’s academic advisor. The committee must include the faculty mentor who will work with the student on research, a member of the CALS Honors Committee, and a third faculty member with interests appropriate to the student’s proposed program. The student, in cooperation with the independent honors committee, develops an academic plan that satisfies the requirements for Individualized Honors. The student and the committee are to meet every semester during the advising period and evaluate progress, reevaluate the goals remaining in the plan and make any necessary adjustments.

For more information contact us in CALS Academic Affairs at (608) 262-3003.