Mentored Research & Independent Studies

Undergraduate Research Experience: A CALS Tradition

50% of CALS students complete mentored research experiences. The experience of working in a research group is an important part of learning and understanding the agricultural and life sciences. Undergraduates are encouraged to gain independent research experience or obtain positions as hourly workers in groups that are doing research in their area of interest. Students typically work in a research group for credit (see your mentor for course number and appropriate number of credits) or an hourly wage.

There are many advantages to these positions: students experience firsthand the excitement and frustrations of doing research, they learn techniques that can be useful in subsequent research projects, they begin to integrate their course work knowledge with practical research situations, they develop responsible work habits, and they make contacts with researchers who may be able to help them make career decisions and who will be able to recommend them for jobs or graduate or professional school admissions.