Research Funding

Students are encouraged to apply for thesis research support from university-wide programs such as the “Hilldale or Holstrom Awards”, special departmental research funds for undergraduates, or to the CALS Honors Program. Other sources include Book Store Academic Excellence Award and the Wisconsin Idea Undergraduate Fellowships.

Faculty researchers are a primary resource for many students. The ongoing research activities of a professor who is interested in and willing to support the research activities of an undergraduate using funding from an existing research project are a frequent source of funding used by many students.

Other faculty members who have projects supported by funding from Agencies like the National Science Foundation have an opportunity to apply for supplemental funds to provide a research experience for undergraduates (REU). Students are advised to talk with their mentor about the possibilities of support for a project they wish to pursue.

Regardless of class level or honors status, any student interested in mentored research resulting in a Thesis is also encouraged to apply for research support from the College’s Honors and Undergraduate Research Committee.

The Honors and Undergraduate Research Committee has three sources of funds at its disposal to support undergraduate research experiences. Each requires students to submit a funding proposal. If your project is approved for funding by the Committee, you are expected to present the completed results as an oral report, poster, or other format at the CALS Undergraduate Research Symposium.

You are encouraged to apply for funding from multiple sources. If your proposal is successful in more than one competition, you will need to choose which support you will accept.