Why Study Abroad?

Krabi2-300x1971Study abroad fits into your schedule.
Earn credit to fulfill requirements in your major, allowing you to graduate on time! Most students can easily go abroad for a full semester without affecting planned graduation dates. Multiple opportunities exist for shorter trips during the summer and even over winter break.

Study abroad is affordable.
Programs vary greatly in cost, letting you find ones that will fit your budget. In addition, UW-Madison and CALS offer numerous scholarships, sometimes making it even less expensive than studying on campus!

Study abroad helps students see life from a new perspective.
Learn to appreciate things at home that you may have taken for granted. Develop a greater sensitivity to and interest in international matters. Study abroad is a time of growth and challenge that takes place in a new and exciting environment.

Study abroad gives students an edge in the job market.
You can impress prospective employers by gaining a global outlook and diverse perspectives. Study abroad increases your understanding of other cultures, equipping you to work better with people from all over the world while you develop problem-solving skills and become more flexible. Study abroad enables you to exert your independence and gain self-confidence.

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