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The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Academic Staff

Key Service Areas

  • CALS file server administration
  • Computer desktop support & incident management for all CALS Administrative Network customers
  • Network infrastructure & computing inventory tracking & control
  • Messaging systems & list management
  • Identity & access management & security services
  • Research & development of new/improved IT technologies & services
  • Data analysis, systems design, and programming for CALS Administrative Services
  • Data resources identification and coordination
  • Data warehouse consulting and development
  • Web Server administration
  • Web development, management, oversight/coordination
  • DoIT contract negotiations and services
  • Campus liaison and contact point for CALS computing issues
  • Computing support coordination between CALS departments and campus units
  • College-wide approval authority for campus systems access
  • Computer security, privacy and support assistance to CALS units as needed

Directory Information

Staff Listing and Responsibilities