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CALS Administrative Network (CALSNet)

What is it?

The CALS Administrative Network is a network of servers, workstations (desktops, laptops) & peripherals (such as printers) that are connected through network interface cards (NIC) to the campus internet. Our network is designed to facilitate file, application and printer sharing for CALS Administration units in a secured environment. From our network we can also access many other servers & networks across the University and beyond. For example, if you have been given access to WiscCal Plus (our calendar/scheduling software), you will be accessing a separate server from our local file server to retrieve the calendar data. This is done directly from your workstation.

Who has Access?

All administrative units within CALS Administration. These offices are located in Agriculture Hall, Ag Deans Residence & Biological Systems Engineering. A complete listing of the units can be found here.

How do I get Access to the Network?

If you are a new employee, your supervisor should have prepared for your arrival by filling out the CALSNet Authorization form. This can either be filled out electronically and printed, or printed out and completed by hand. After the appropriate supervisor signature is obtained, the form should be returned to Charlene Krembs in Agriculture Hall. You will then be assigned a CALSNet ID (Novell) and password for the file server and accounts for any other systems as appropriate.

What are the Network Drivers?

H: Your Home directory; only you have access to this drive.
G:\SHARE Your Group directory; this is a shared directory by your work group (i.e. International Programs, Dean's Office, Research Division) Only people in your work group have access to this directory.
I:\share\lanshare The lanshare directory is a common shared area for all users of our CALS Network. Anyone with a logon id to our file server has access to this directory.

If you are a Mac customer, you will have access to the same directories as above but since "drive mappings" do not exist on a Mac, you'll see these differently:

CALS.Data: xxx folder where xxx = your logon id Your Home folder. Only you have access to this folder.
CALS.Data:Dept Share Your workgroup folder. This is shared by your workgroup (i.e. IAP, Dean's Office, Research) Only people in your workgroup have access to this folder.
CALS.Data:lanshare This is a common shared folder for all customers on our LAN. Anyone with a logon in to our file server have access to this directory

How do I change my password?

Please go to the Procedures page for information on how to change a hange passwords for various systems (CALSNet Novell, ISIS, 3270, etc).

I am having difficulty signing on.

You can find the most current systems outages and updates here. If you do not see a reason there that explains your problem, please contact ACS or Charlene Rieck Krembs for assistance.