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CALS Administration Wireless Service Policy
University-funded cellular phones may be provided to certain members of CALS administration in positions where the associated benefits justify the cost to the University. Individuals receiving such phones are expected to follow the campus and State DOA policy for cell phone use, located at:

When the employee leaves the position or the position no longer meets the criteria outlined above, the cellular phone must be turned in to the employee’s supervisor for reassignment or termination of the service.

Each CALS Administration employee who is given a cell phone to use during his/her employment will be required to complete the DOA Acknowledgement of Receipt of Enterprise Wireless Services Policy form. A copy of this form will be available through Business Services. Business Services will keep the completed forms on file. Audits of cellular phone usage will be performed annually as required by DOA policy.

Please note that this policy prohibits any personal use of these phones. Positions that might justify university-funded cellular phones are those associated with external affairs, program development, extension and student services. The duties of that position must include providing emergency support or the position requires extensive travel and therefore must be reachable by the Dean(s) or other staff. Other positions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The CALS request and approval process for University cellular services can be found at:

CALS Administration owns a pool of wireless internet cards/USB modems which can be checked-out through Administrative Computing Services. These are intended for travel purposes or other special assignments only and are not intended as a substitution for your home internet service provider. The college's administration will not reimburse employees for home internet access. The process for obtaining a wireless card/modem for travel or special assignment purposes can be found at:

Administrative Computing Services will cover monthly service charges for the Verizon wireless cards/modems. Monthly service charges and equipment or accessory costs will be the responsibility of the Administrative unit unless other arrangements are made.

Administrative Computing Services will support all University-owned smartphones & wireless cards/modems. Should you have problems with your wireless device or need assistance with using your wireless device, please contact Administrative Computing Services using the Service Request Form found at:

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact:

Interim Dean Bill Tracy Sr. Associate Dean Birl Lowery
140 Ag Hall 140C Ag Hall
1450 Linden Drive 1450 Linden Drive
262-4930 262-9812


CALS Policy ID: CALSWireless Policy
Effective: 10/7/09
Policy Maintained by: Office of Dean & Director
Review Period: every 2 years