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We at ACS take the security of your data seriously, but we can only be as secure as our users. In order to make certain that your data is not compromised, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. Never share your password
  2. Always logout of your email, administrative network, calendar, or other campus program when leaving your computer for an extended period of time.
  3. Always logout/exit/close your browser when you're finished with a web application. This is especially important when using a public or shared computer
  4. Do not download or open file attachments from unknown senders
  5. Know or develop a backup strategy for your data files [Note: All files located on the CALS Administrative Network - Novell fileserver are backed up nightly]
  6. Follow Security Best Practices found here:
    Other security resources can be found at:

For our part to make certain your data is uncorrupted and safe, we have installed antivirus software that automatically scans your local disks. In addition, Symantec AntiVirus software runs on our file server and checks each file written to the server. In addition all volumes on our file server are scanned/cleaned each Sunday. If a file is contaminated, it will be cleaned and you will receive a message. CALS Administrative Computing Services recommends that in addition you periodically scan the files located on your local hard drive. Please contact me if you have questions regarding this.

The antivirus software on each workstation computer should update automatically. However, if you would like to make sure it is doing this, click on the yellow shield in the lower right hand corner by the clock.

Next to "Version", you will see a date that indicates the last time the software was upated. If the Virus Definition file is outdated, please contact ACS immediately.

CALS ACS also uses the campus email system WiscMail/WiscMail Plus as our pirmary email system. All incoming and outgoing email messages are scanned for viruses by this system.