Garden Events

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Many area gardeners attend the very popular gardening educational events held every summer at the Station.

Sheep Milking

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Animal Research Technicians milk 350 ewes twice each day during the milking season at the Station. Our milk is used to make delicious sheep milk cheeses.

The UW Spooner Agricultural Research Station is a unique facility that houses five UW Faculty. This administrative arrangement is referred to as the "Northern Wisconsin Ag Initiative" (NWAI). The NWAI's main objective is to combine the skills and expertise of these five University of Wisconsin Faculty and Staff to better serve the needs of the surrounding community.

Interesting Details about the Spooner Ag Research Station

Current Station Research

University of Wisconsin Faculty and Staff

Support Staff

  • Scott Butterfield, Animal Research Technician, Advanced
  • Forrest Anderson, Agricultural Research Equipment Operator
  • Heidi Hoffelt, Animal Research Technician
  • Lorraine Toman, University Services Program Associate

Limited Term Staff

  • Sheri Snowbank, UW-Extension Natural Resource Assistant
  • Susan Armstrong, Summer Horticulture Assistant
  • Megan Melcher, Summer Gardener
  • Jenny Makosky, Summer Gardener
  • Matt Lemke, Student Groundskeeper
  • Hannah Stellrecht, Student Sheep Intern
  • Brenda Cook, Animal Research Technician
  • Mary Langland, Animal Research Technician
  • Luke Langland, Animal Research Technician
  • Laurie Smith, Animal Research Technician

If you have questions about any of the programs or research being conducted at the Spooner Ag Research Station, please contact Lorraine Toman, Office Manager, and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

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