CALS Teaching Assistant Resources

Teaching assistants are becoming an increasingly important part of the educational effort in CALS.  Recently awarded funding from the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates has allowed us to increase our availability of teaching assistantships by more than 100%.  It is our goal that our TAs will increase student access to bottleneck courses, help ameliorate documented achievement gaps between minority and non-minority students, and allow for greater educational innovation in our college.

Teaching in graduate school can be a valuable professional experience as well as a personally rewarding endeavor.  We have developed this website as a resource for departmental administrators, instructors, and TAs to help everyone take fullest advantage of this opportunity.  This website details college policies regarding the rights and responsibilities of TAs, their supervisors, and their departments and highlights campus resources that TAs may find useful along the way.

Resources for TAs

Resources for Administrators

The CALS Teaching Assistant Resources pages are currently under construction.  If you have any questions or comments about these pages, or their content, please write to, or call (608) 262-3003.