Appointments, etc.

Teaching assistant appointments at a level of at least one-third time typically convey eligibility for health insurance coverage and nonresident tuition remission. (For more information about remission of tuition and/or fees, please consult the Bursar’s Tuition Remission Policy.  A sample appointment letter and information regarding the maximum permissible levels of TA appointments are available on the CALS Human Resources webpage.  The CALS Dean’s office must see drafts of the letters in advance of their being sent that include a tentative workload agreement.

Departments must establish minimum registration requirements for TAs. The minimum number of credits for which a teaching assistant must register is determined by each department’s Criteria for Satisfactory Progress as a Graduate Student.  Continuing graduate students appointed as teaching assistants in the Summer Sessions need not register during the Summer Session as a condition of their appointment, although they must either have been graduate students during the preceding semester or have been admitted for the fall semester.  New international graduate students admitted in the Summer Session and appointed as teaching assistants are required to register. TAs enrolled in fewer than 4 credits will have FICA deducted from their pay, unless they are in dissertator status as confirmed by the Department to the Graduate School.  Additional information regarding university-wide enrollment and general TA requirements can be found in the Financial Aid section of the Graduate School Catalog.