CALS Thank You

THANK YOU for your support of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences!

Scroll down to learn more about the photographers who submitted these letters to the CALS photo alphabet.

T = Sevie Kenyon, University Relations Specialist in CALS External Relations took the “T” photo – part of the exterior structure of the Microbial Sciences Building.


H = Hannah Gerbitz, a Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication 2013 graduate from Milton, WI snapped the “H” while looking out of a window in Ag Engineering toward Ag Hall.


A = Kyle Rak, a PBPG graduate student took this familiar shot of an “A” which is the pedestrian bridge that crosses Campus Drive.


N = Bryn Scriver, Outreach Specialist for the Lakeshore Nature Preserve saw the “N” in a tree in the Preserve at the edge of Second Point Woods.


K = Hannah Gerbitz also took the picture of the “K” which can be seen on the sidewalk outside of the Steenbock parking ramp.


Y = Joe McNamara, a Life Sciences Communication and Technology 2013 graduate from Pembroke, FL found the “Y” looking from Ag Hall towards Linden Drive.


O = Sevie Kenyon also took “O” – located on the front of Ag Hall.


U = Joe McNamara took this picture of bike racks near Ag Hall – they make the “U” when flipped upside down.