CALS Awards

Each spring, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences recognizes its faculty and staff for their accomplishments and service to the college and the University of Wisconsin Madison. See below for information about the awards and lists of award recipients.

Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Leadership

Recipients of this award may have directed facilities, managed business services or ensured the smooth functioning of classrooms, laboratories, libraries, student services and academic departments.

2017    Laura Ward Good, Soil Science
2016    Bernadette O’Rourke, Animal Sciences
2015    Marianne Smukowski, Center for Dairy Research
2014    Terry Jobsis, Animal Sciences
2013    Jamie Reichert, Research Stations
2012    Sara Rodock, Plant Pathology
2011    Not awarded this year
2010    Mike Peters, Dairy Science
2009    Kathleen Zweifel, Genetics
2008    Chuck Kostichka, Hancock Agricultural Research Station
2007    Gail M. Stirr, CALS Research Division
2006    Karen D. Nielsen, Babcock Institute
2005    Phil Dunigan, Agricultural Research Stations
2004    Katherine Schmidt, Horticulture
2003    Cheryl Skjolaas, Biological Systems Engineering
2002    Roger Flashinski, Agronomy
2001    Robin Kurtz, Bacteriology

Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Research

Recipients of this award were recognized for conducting or supporting the research mission of the college.

2017    Rani Govindasamy-Lucey, Center for Dairy Research
2016    Sangita Gupta Murali, Nutritional Science
2015    John Jaeggi, Center for Dairy Research
2014    Timothy D. Meehan,  Entomology
2013    Wenli Zhan, Horticulture
2012    Todd Andraski, Soil Science
2011    Jeffrey Malison, Animal Sciences
2010    Robert Kreber, Genetics
2009    Farib Assadi-Porter, Biochemistry
2008    Sandra Bertics, Dairy Science
2007    Tamas Gaal, Bacteriology
2006    Yves M. Berger, Spooner Ag Research Stations
2005    Larry Chapman, Biological Systems Engineering
2004    Eric Zeldin, Horticulture
2003    Wilma Ross, Bacteriology
2002    Susan Hirano, Plant Pathology
2001    Eileen Somers, Food Research Institute

Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Service

Recipients of this award were recognized for going above and beyond the scope of their duties and demonstrating outstanding sustained service and dedication to their individual units.

2017   Alex Crockford, Plant Pathology
2016   Mark E. Johnson, Center for Dairy Research
2015    Johanna Oosterwyk, Horticulture
2014    Anne Reynolds, UW Center for Cooperatives
2013    Laura Vanderploeg, Biochemistry
2012    Barbara Forrest, Agricultural and Applied Economics
2011     Robin Kurtz, Bacteriology
2010    Sandra Trower, Dairy Science
2009    Ted Halbach, Dairy Science
2008    Jean Petersen, Genetics
2007    Paul D. Jelle, CALS Business Services
2006    John B. Peters, Soil Science
2005    Ellen Maurer, CALS Communications Program
2004    Dwight Mueller, Arlington ARS
2003    Patrick Hoffman, Dairy Science
2002    Thomas Steele, Agricultural Research Stations & Forest Ecology & Management
2001    B. Wolfgang Hoffmann, Life Sciences Communication

Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award

The Extra Mile Award goes to an individual who has shown unusual concern for students and has provided service far beyond the call of duty. Nomination letters and letters of support must come from students. This award is named in memory of former poultry scientist Art Maurer, who was a professor in the departments of animal sciences and food science.

2017    Michel A. Wattiaux, Dairy Science
2016    Thomas D. Crenshaw, Biochemistry
2015    Scott Bowe, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
2014    James Nienhuis, Horticulture
2013   Jack Kloppenburg, Community and Environmental Sociology
2012    Don Stanley, Life Sciences Communication
2011    David Bohnhoff, Biological Systems Engineering
2010    John Klatt, Undergraduate Programs and Services
2009    Terry Jobsis, Animal Sciences
2008    James Ntambi, Biochemistry
2007    Richard W. Hartel, Food Science & Biological Systems Engineering
2006    William S. Reznikoff, Biochemistry
2005    David Nelson, Biochemistry
2004    Larry Meiller, Life Sciences Communication

CALS Equity and Diversity Award

This award was established by the college’s Equity and Diversity Committee to recognize contributions to activities and programs that advance the academic and professional climate of diversity, respect, inclusion and equity in CALS.

2017    Molly Reinhard, Academic Affairs
2016    Sharon C. Long, Soil Science
2015    Thomas Browne, Academic Affairs

Excellence in International Activities Award

This award recognizes an individual engaged in international research, instruction, outreach, program development, or service.

2017    Guilherme J. M. Rosa, Animal Sciences
2016    Pamela Ruegg, Dairy Science
2015    Xuejun Pan, Biological Systems Engineering
2014    John J. Parrish, Animal Sciences
2013    Sherry Tanumihardjo, Nutritional Sciences
2012    Alfonso del Reo, Horticulture
2011    Michel Wattiaux, Dairy Science
2010    James Nienhuis, Horticulture
2009    James Ntambe, Biochemistry
2008    Caitlyn Allen, Plant Pathology

J.S. Donald Short Course Teaching Award

The J.S. Donald Short Course Teaching award was established in 1976 by Delma Woodburn in honor of her father, John Donald, a Short Course instructor, political figure and farmer. This award is available for a deserving faculty or staff member who teaches in the Farm and Industry Short Course Program.

2017   Francisco J. Arriaga, Soil Science
2016    Barry Kleppe, School of Veterinary Medicine
2015    Alan Linnebur, Cooperative Extension
2014    Bob Nusbaum, Animal Sciences
2013    Jerry Guenther, Dairy Science
Thomas Crenshaw, Animal Science
2012    Jamie Nack, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
David Rhoda, Dairy Science
2011    Not awarded this year
2010    Robert Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics
2009    Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
2008    Dan Schaefer, Animal Science
2007    John Lindquist, Bacteriology
2006    William P. Kojis, Agronomy
2005    Theodore Halbach, Dairy Science
2004    Richard Cates, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
2003    Jeffrey Nelson, Biological Systems Engineering
Brian Hudelson, Plant Pathology
2002    Jackie J. Rutledge, Animal Science
Roger W. Palmer, Dairy Science
2001    Arlin Brannstrom, Center for Dairy Profitability and Agricultural and Applied Economics
Gary Frank, Center for Dairy Profitability and Agricultural and Applied Economics
2000    David Northey, Animal Science
1999    Milo Wiltbank, Dairy Science
1998    Mark Purschwicz, Agricultural Engineering
Mohammed Douglah, Agricultural Journalism
1997    Ron Russell, Meat and Animal Science
1996    T. Randall Fortenbery, Agricultural Economics
1995    Randy Gottfredson, Meat and Animal Science
1994    Richard Wolkowski, Soil Science
1993    David W. Kammel, Agricultural Engineering
Brian J. Holmes, Agricultural Engineering
1992    Robert Ruff, Wildlife Ecology
1991    Phil Harris, Agricultural Economics
1990    Art Peterson, Soil Science
Gerald Duchon, Mech. Engineering
1989    Phillip Pellitteri, Entomology
David Combs, Dairy Science
1988    Jerry Doll, Agricultural Economics
1987    Malcom Dana, Horticulture
1986    Gordon Barrington, Agricultural Engineering
1985    Richard Straub, Agricultural Engineering
1984    Wilbur “Tip” Tyler, Dairy Science
1983    Gerald Campbell, Agricultural Economics
Roy Ax, Dairy Science
1982    Not awarded this year
1981    Gordon Cunningham, Forestry
1980    Robert Luening, Agricultural Economics
1979    David Dickson, Dairy Science
1978    Neal Jorgensen, Dairy Science
1977    Bernard Haasl, Meat & Animal Science

Pound Extension Award

Supported by an educational development fund created to honor Dean Glenn S. Pound upon his retirement in 1979, this award is presented annually to an outstanding integrated Extension faculty member of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

2017    Amanda Gevens, Plant Pathology
2016    Jeffrey J. Sindelar, Animal Science
2015    Shawn P. Conley, Agronomy
2014    David W. Kammel, Biological Systems Engineering
2013    Russell Groves, Entomology
2012    Victor Cabrera, Dairy Science
2011    Carrie Laboski, Soil Science
2010    Eileen Cullen, Entomology
2009    Alvin J. Bussan, Horticulture
2008    Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
2007    Dan Undersander, Agronomy
2006    Paul M. Fricke, Dairy Science
2005    Pamela Ruegg, Dairy Science
2004    Roger Palmer, Dairy Science
2003    Gary Green, Rural Sociology
2002    John C. Stier, Horticulture
2001    Patricia S. McManus, Plant Pathology
2000    Chris Boerboom, Agronomy
1999    Joseph Lauer, Agronomy
1998    Douglas Reinemann, Biological Systems Engineering
1997    Teryl Roper, Horticulture
1996    William Wendorff, Food Science
1995    Susan Nitzke, Nutritional Sciences
1994    Bruce Jones, Agricultural Economics
1993    Randy Shaver, Dairy Science
1992    Larry Bundy, Soil Science
1991    Patrick Walsh, Agricultural Engineering
1990    Paul Carter, Agronomy
1989    Brian J. Holmes, Agricultural Engineering
1988    Richard Klemme, Agricultural Economics
1987    Scott Craven, Wildlife Ecology
1986    Keith Kelling, Soil Science
1985    John Wedberg, Entomology

Pound Research Award

Also supported by an educational development fund created to honor Dean Glenn S. Pound upon his retirement in 1979, this award is given to honor an outstanding, early-career CALS research scientist and to promote continued excellence in research.

2017    Zach Peery, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
2016    Dave Pagliarini, Biochemistry
2015    Audrey Gasch, Genetics
2014    Douglas Weibel, Biochemistry
2013    Guilherme Rosa, Animal Sciences
2012    Claudio Gratton, Entomology
2011    Cameron Currie, Bacteriology
2010    Michael Thomas, Bacteriology
2009    Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication
2008    Aseem Ansari, Biochemistry
Tomas Prolla, Genetics
2007    Samuel E. Butcher, Biochemistry
Volker C. Radeloff, Forest Ecology & Management
2006    Heidi Goodrich-Blair, Bacteriology
2005    Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
2004    Elizabeth B. Goodwin, Genetics
2003    Katrina Forest, Bacteriology
2002    Andrew F. Bent, Plant Pathology
2001    Jiming Jiang, Horticulture
2000    Charles Kaspar, Food Microbiology and Toxicology
1999    David Mladenoff, Forest Ecology and Management
Diana Downs, Bacteriology
1998    Brad Barham, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Susan Paskewitz, Entomology
1997    Brian Fox, Biochemistry
Amy Wong, Food Micro & Toxicology
1996    Paul Friesen, Biochemistry
John Parrish, Animal Sciences
1995    Ronald T. Raines, Biochemistry
Richard Ffrench-Constant, Entomology
1994    Hazel Holden, Biochemistry
Richard Lindroth, Entomology
1993    Timothy Donahue, Bacteriology
Stith Gower, Forestry
1992    Margaret Dentine, Dairy Science
Michael Strand, Entomology
1991    Bradley Olwin, Biochemistry
Kenneth Raffa, Entomology
1990    William Karasov, Wildlife Ecology
Ann Palmenberg, Veterinary Science
1989    Sally Leong, Plant Pathology
Peter Reich, Forestry
1988    Judith Kimble, Biochemistry
William Engels, Genetics
1987    Paul Ahlquist, Plant Pathology and Biophysics Lab
Barry Bavister, Veterinary Science
1986    Bruce M. Christensen, Veterinary Science
Richard D. Vierstra, Horticulture
1985    Michael Doyle, Food Microbiology and Toxicology
Carol A. Gross, Bacteriology
1984    J. Mark Scriber, Entomology
John Aber, Forestry

Robert G.F. and Hazel T. Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence

The donors, Bob and Hazel Spitze, established this fund to honor contributions made by faculty in CALS or the School of Human Ecology, their home departments. The award recognizes and encourages faculty who exemplify the Land Grant philosophy through combined excellence in research, teaching, and outreach. The purpose of this award is to reward comprehensive scholarly performance over a sustained period of time.

2017    Susan M. Paskewitz, Entomology
2016    Mark E. Cook, Animal Science
2015    Majid Sarmadi, Design Studies (SoHE)
2014    Kevin Shinners, Biological Systems Engineering
2013    Dave Thomas, Animal Sciences
2012    Denise Ney, Nutritional Sciences
2011    Stephen Ventura, Soil Science
2010    John Stier, Horticulture
2009    Daniel M. Schaefer, Animal Sciences
2008    Karen Bogenschneider, School of Human Ecology
2007    Peter Nowak, Rural Sociology
2006    John M. Norman, Soil Science
2005    Craig R. Grau, Plant Pathology
2004    Frederick H. Buttel, Rural Sociology
2003    Jackie J. Rutledge, Animal Science
2002    William S. Reznikoff, Biochemistry
2001    N. J. “Ben” Benevenga, Animal Sciences
2000    Douglas Maxwell, Plant Pathology
1999    Kenneth Raffa, Entomology
1998    Hector DeLuca, Biochemistry
1997    Stan Temple, Wildlife Ecology
1996    John Suttie, Nutritional Sciences
1995    William Dobson, Agricultural Economics

Spitzer Excellence in Teaching Award

The Spitzer Teaching Award recognizes an individual who has significantly enhanced the quality and impact of undergraduate or graduate instruction in CALS through outstanding teaching practices, pedagogical scholarship or other beyond-the-classroom accomplishments that have shaped students’ learning experiences and/or the teaching practices of other instructors. Robert Spitzer, the sponsor of this award, is a three-time graduate of CALS who went on to become a leader in agribusiness and the president of the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Bob created the award to honor the teachers who made a lasting impression on him.

2017    Troy M. Runge, Biological Systems Engineering
2016    Samuel E. Butcher, Biochemistry
2015    Dave Hogg, Entomology
2014    Ronald L. Russell, Animal Sciences
2013     Mark E. Berres, Animal Sciences
2012    Kevin Shinners, Biological Systems Engineering
2011    Not awarded this year
2010    Denise Ney, Nutritional Sciences
2009    David Thomas, Animal Sciences
2008    Richard Amasino, Biochemistry
2007    Not awarded this year
2006     Jess Gilbert, Rural Sociology
2005    George Shook, Dairy Science
2004    James Nienhuis, Horticulture
2003    Richard Hartel, Food Science
2002    Walter Goodman, Entomology
2001    Monica Theis, Food Science
2000    Jack Kloppenberg, Jr., Rural Sociology
1999    Jorge Escalante, Bacteriology
1998    Paul Friesen, Biochemistry
1997    Richard Straub, Biological Systems Engineering
Scott Craven, Wildlife Ecology
1996    Not awarded this year
1995    Gene F. Summers, Rural Sociology
1994    Michael Cox, Biochemistry
1993    David Bohnhoff, Agricultural Engineering
1992    David Combs, Dairy Science
1991    Ray Guries, Forestry
1990    Marvin Johnson, Agricultural Economics
1989    Larry Meiller, Agricultural Journalism
1988    Daniel K. Young, Entomology
1987    Arthur Kelman, Plant Pathology
1986    Janet Christian, Nutritional Science
1985    Kenneth Lee, Food Science
1984    Jane Phillips, Bacteriology
1983    Milton Sunde, Poultry Science
1982    Richard Powers, Agricultural Journalism
1981    Stanley Temple, Wildlife Ecology
1980    Larry Satter, Dairy Science
1979    Kenneth Todar, Bacteriology
1978    Julian Davies, Biochemistry
1977    Owen Fennema, Food Science
1976    David Nelson, Biochemistry
1975    William Dobson, Agricultural Economics
1974    Robert Grummer, Meat and Animal Science
1973    Robert Dicke, Entomology
1972    James Crow, Genetics
1971    James Torrie, Agronomy
1970    Robert Kaufmann, Meat and Animal Science
1969    David Wieckert, Dairy Science
1968    Neal First, Meat and Animal Science

University Staff Awards

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding university staff performance or service to CALS.

2017    Lynn Martinsen, Human Resources
Catherine Rook, Dairy Science
Laura Trumble, Animal Sciences
2016    Ellen Anlauf, Horticulture
Charles Breneman, Agriculture Research Station
Bill Omdahl, Nutritional Science
2015    Scott Anderson, Nutritional Sciences
Jenelle Gierhart-Sutter, Biochemistry
Steve Roberts, Agricultural Research Stations
2014    Dawn Irish, Animal Sciences
John Kemper, Animal Sciences
Ray Michels, Center for Dairy Research
Roger Quam, Agricultural Research Stations
Derald E. Stronach, Jr., Agricultural Research Stations
Kim Trumble, Animal Sciences
2013    Paul Abel, Agricultural Research Stations
Dennis Anderson, Agricultural Research Stations
Randal Jones, Agricultural Research Stations
Craig Malnory, Agricultural Research Stations
Dianne Raschka, Animal Sciences
Katherine Wilmot, Nutritional Sciences
2012    Mary Bauer, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
Sandra Bennett, Agronomy
Tricia Check, Horticulture
Mark Hintz, Dairy Forage Research Center
2011    Angel Gutierrez-Velin, Animal Sciences
Kristin Jacobson, Horticulture
Jerry McLimans, US Dairy Forage Research Center
Minh Ngo, Animal Sciences
Debby Sumwalt, Biological Systems Engineering
Sheila Timme, Russell Labs Administrative Service Center
2010    Laura Ballentine, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Harold Bohne, Biological Systems Engineering
Ethel Drengberg, Nutritional Sciences
Matthew R. Moore, Plant Pathology
Kurt Pickar, Dairy Forage Research Center
Paul Bergum, Arlington Agricultural Research Station
Shelia Pink, Animal Science
2009    Glenn Carlson, Hancock Agricultural Research Station
Barbara Cochrane, Food Research Institute
Linda Cunningham, Dairy Science
Nick Ganser, West Madison Agricultural Experiment Station
Steve Switzer, Animal Sciences
Staci Francis, Bacteriology
2008     Carol Peterson, Biochemistry
Helen Thompson, Entomology
Dan Jennings, Arlington Ag Research Station
Kathy Monson, Animal Science
Debra Carroll, Wildlife Ecology
Cathy Michael, Biochemistry
2007    Thomas J. Frank, Horticulture
Robert J. Lease, Arlington ARS
Theresa J. Pillar, Biochemistry
Gregory Swart, Marshfield ARS
Kim H. Trumble, Animal Sciences
Cheryl Adams Kadera, Biochemistry
2006    Barbara R. Avery, CALS Administrative Computing
Mary L. Domann, Entomology
Lorraine L. Toman, Spooner Ag Research Station
Steve P. Trace, Arlington Ag Research Station
Scott Woodford, Rhinelander Ag Research Station
Sandra M. Baumel, CALS Business Services
2005    Colleen Clary, Biochemistry
Janet Deutsch, Entomology
Christopher A. Koval, West Madison ARS
Cindy Munn, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Diane E. Raschka, Animal Sciences
Judith K. Barth, Horticulture
2004    Scott Butterfield, Spooner ARS
John Jones, Arlington ARS
Karla Ortman, Kemp ARS
Angela Seitler, CALS Research Division
Margaret Webster, Bacteriology
Linda Heideman, CALS Human Resources
2003    Jean Bruhn, CALS Outreach Services
William Hoesly, Center for Dairy Research
Audrae Richards, Life Sciences Communications
Kari Straus, Rural Sociology
Darlene White, Life Sciences Communication
Richard Schlapper, Spooner Agricultural Research Station
2002    Sue Diericks, Research Division
Carol J. Duffy, Soil Science
Kurt Pickar, Agricultural Research Stations, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center
Michael Schaeffer, Plant Pathology and Entomology
Robert Vetter, Arlington Agricultural Research Station
Debra R. Weber, Nutritional Sciences
2001    Charles Adair, Bacteriology
Connie Hoisington, Rural Sociology
Gary Kellner, Kemp Agricultural Research Station
Sheri Speth, Soil Science
Mary Vance, Academic Student Affairs
Nancy Hilmanowski, Rural Sociology
2000     Cheryl Bill-Mohoney, Nutritional Sciences
Susan Gisler, Academic Student Affairs
Patricia Grubb, Land Tenure Center
Julian Lane, Lancaster Agricultural Research Station
Gail Tanner, Bacteriology

WALSAA Outstanding Advisor Award

This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a deep concern for the welfare of CALS undergraduates and has invested exceptional time and effort in providing them (individuals, teams, or clubs) with academic or personal guidance. The members of the Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association have been honoring outstanding advisors with this award since 1979.

2017    Molly Reinhard, Academic Affairs
2016    Heidi Goodrich-Blair, Bacteriology
2015    Robin Mittenthal, Nutritional Sciences
2014    Christopher Day, Genetics
2013    Mary Smith, Institute for Biology Education
2012    Roger Sunde, Nutritional Sciences
2011    Daniel Schaefer, Animal Sciences
2010    Daniel Barnish, Biochemistry
2009    David Nelson, Biochemistry
2008    Richard Hartel, Food Science
2007    Julie Poh Thurlow, Nutritional Sciences
2006    Jim Berkelman, Wildlife Ecology
2005    Milo C. Wiltbank, Dairy Science
2004    Not awarded this year
2003    James C. Converse, Biological Systems Engineering
2002    James Ntambi, Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences
2001    Bernard C. Wentworth, Animal Sciences
2000    Thomas Crenshaw, Animal Sciences
1999    Lynette Karls, Nutritional Sciences
1998    Diana Downs, Bacteriology
1997    Peter Arcese, Wildlife Ecology
1996    Bruce Murray, Academic Student Affairs
Tom Schomisch, Agricultural Journalism
1995    David Bohnhoff, Agricultural Engineering
1994    Ric Grummer, Dairy Science
1993    Scott Craven, Wildlife Ecology
Jaya Iyer, Soil Science
1992    Thomas Leonard, Genetics
David Bohnhoff, Agricultural Engineering
1991    Art Maurer, Poultry Science
Marsha Betley, Bacteriology
1990    Bruce Jones, Agricultural Economics
Larry Meiller, Agricultural Journalism
1989    Robert Bradley, Food Science
Margaret Dentine, Dairy Science
1988    Jeffrey Stier, Forestry
Janice Wheaton, Academic Student Affairs
1987    Hernando Gonzalez, Agricultural Journalism
Wayne Kussow, Soil Science
1986    Judy Peterson, Bacteriology
Jane Phillips, Bacteriology
1985    John Thompson, CAVE
Jerome Karbon, Agricultural Journalism
1984    Raymond Guries, Forestry
Robert Kauffmann, Meat and Animal Science
1983    Dorothy Pringle, Nutritional Sciences
Calvin Cramer, Agricultural Engineering
1982    Edward Hasselkus, Horticulture
Lloyd Bostian, Ag Journalism
1981    Gerald Campbell, Agricultural Economics
James Love, Soil Science
1980    Walter Bjoraker, CAVE
1979    Gerhard Lee, Soil Science
Earl Gritton, Agronomy