CALS Student Advantages

Transferable Knowledge

All CALS undergraduates are required to complete a culminating senior experience such as a capstone course. Many also complete research projects that require them to integrate and apply knowledge gained from their undergraduate curricula. Some use their research to complete senior theses.

Real-World Understanding

Over half of CALS seniors have engaged in an internship and/or completed undergraduate research. CALS students know how to work collaboratively in demanding work and research settings. Internship and research experiences compliment CALS students’ experiences in the classroom to prepare them to be a hardworking, successful employee.

Professional Skills

CALS is home to over 35 student organizations that develop students’ professional and interpersonal skills. Many organizations are directly related to a field of study, which helps students develop their passion for the discipline.

Leadership Characteristics

Many students are involved in the College’s student leadership program. They apply skills gained through past educational, career and organization experiences to influence positive change.

International Experience

Nearly thirty percent of students report having an international experience.  International experiences include studying abroad and/or completing an international internship. CALS students learn about their interests on the global level, giving them a rich understanding of current issues in their field.