Employer Help Desk

The Employer Help Desk was created to help employers in their hiring process. Use these resources to create a better search campaign and find the best candidates.

BuckyNet 101

Learn about how to begin setting up your BuckyNet account and its advantages for recruitment efforts.

Campus Visit Information

When coming to campus, use this document to find food and lodging ideas for your events.

What is an Internship?

Discover the importance of an internship to students and the many advantages it can bring to your company.

What to Include in a Job Description

Without complete information, your ideal candidate may pass you by! Learn what your job description should include to attract candidates.

What Makes a Good Resume?

A resume is the most important document in evaluating students and the skills they can offer your company.  Explore the qualities of a polished resume, so that you can select great candidates to interview.

What is an Interview?

The interview is a way for candidates to impress you, and for you to showcase all the great aspects of your company.  Selling the position in an interview is important to land the perfect candidate.