Plant Pathology

Students majoring in poultry science prepare for careers in two areas, depending on the emphasis they choose.  These two emphases include the Science Emphasis and the Business Emphasis.

The Science Emphasis prepares students for advanced degree work; it also prepares graduates for careers in research and teaching as well as veterinary school.

The Business Emphasis provides basic preparation for production and technology phases of the poultry industry, extension, and business management. Students with a background in agricultural sciences may find careers in commercial poultry raising or with one of the large commercial feed companies, breeders, or processing concerns.

Career opportunities for poultry science graduates may be found in advertising, journalism, marketing, sales, management, and technical services to the poultry industry. The Department of Animal Sciences may be consulted for specific career information and information about courses required for each degree program.

Many courses for the poultry science major are offered only during summer, when students from around the Midwest travel to UW–Madison to take poultry science courses unavailable at their home schools. The course offerings reflect the role of the UW poultry science program as a Midwest Regional Undergraduate Center of Excellence. Faculty from many midwestern universities assist in teaching the summer courses.

For more information contact the Department of Animal Sciences:

Prospective Student Services: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Office of Academic Affairs

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