College of Agricultural & Life Sciences International Studies Requirement

As of fall 2015, we are not accepting course proposals to fulfill the college’s 3-credit International Studies (IS) requirement. Please contact Nikki Bollig, Assistant Dean for Programs and Policies, with questions or for additional information. 

Call for Proposals

CALS Academic Affairs requests proposals for courses to be considered eligible to fulfill the college’s 3-credit International Studies (IS) requirement.

PLEASE NOTE, due to the recent revision of course criteria by the CALS International Committee, ALL COURSES CURRENTLY LISTED IN DARS MUST BE RESUBMITTED FOR APPROVAL.

Goals & Criteria

Required of all CALS majors, the IS requirement is intended to: 1) increase students’ understanding of contemporary global, socio-political, and scientific issues; 2) equip students to analyze these transnational issues critically and comparatively; 3) and inspire students to further engagement in international issues.

Courses that satisfy the 3-credit CALS International Studies requirement must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • include discussion of the role of the U.S. in world affairs;
  • include comparative and/or multinational content;
  • include substantial non-U.S. content (typically >50% of the content or assignments or grade in the course).

Courses will be reviewed by the CALS Curriculum Committee in late March with the aim of publishing an updated list of eligible courses in time for fall course registration.

Students: to request permission to count a course not listed here, please complete a Request for DARS Exception form.