Lawton Undergraduate Retention Grant

The Lawton Undergraduate Retention Grant is an award designed to aid in the retention of underrepresented students during their stay at UW-Madison. To be eligible for the award, you must:

  1. Be a resident of the state of Wisconsin,
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above by the end of the most recent term,
  3. Have achieved at least 24 degree credits by the end of the term most recently completed,
  4. Be a member of one of the following targeted ethic groups: African-American, Hispanic/Latino(a), Native-American/American-Indian, Southeast Asian (Cambodia/Laotian/Vietnamese/Hmong)
  5. Have NOT received a bachelor’s degree,
  6. Have not received more than $16,000 of Lawton Grant

Grants can range up to $2,500 per year based on financial need.

Students must be carrying at least 12 degree credits each semester, and pass 24 degree credits for the academic year, to be eligible for the Lawton. An email will go out to CALS students upon notification that the Lawton money is available inviting students to request nomination for Lawton. A student may receive up to eight semesters of Lawton Grant.

To apply, complete the CALS Lawton Grant Nomination Form and send to Tom Browne, Assistant Dean for Minority Student Affairs, or drop of in care of Asst. Dean Browne in 116 Agricultural Hall. Final decisions are made by the Office of Financial Services in determining who receives the award.

This process is applicable for CALS students only. If you are in another college, you must contact the Lawton Grant coordinator in your school or college.