Scholarship Awardee Profile

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The CALS Scholarships and Loans Committee has selected you to receive an Agricultural and Life Sciences scholarship. The name, amount and schedule for this award are listed in your student center. We ask that you accept or decline this award within two weeks. If you accept this award, please read and follow all instructions carefully.

In order to receive your award, there are TWO requirements that must be fulfilled within 2 weeks:

  1. Thank You Note Requirement
  2. UW Foundation Profile Requirement

Please complete both requirements within 2 weeks of accepting your award. Your award
information will not be sent to the Bursar’s Office until both requirements are completed.

Thank You Notes

  • Our scholarships are provided through the generosity of people or organizations wishing to support students in our college. Make sure to refer to the “Thank You Note Guidelines” before writing your thank you note to your donor, so you are sure to include the necessary information. If multiple donors are listed, you must write a thank you note to each donor. Your thank you note will be previewed for content and quality before it is accepted. We will send your accepted thank you note to your donor on your behalf.
  • You MUST bring or mail the original AND one copy of each thank you note written to:
    Scholarship Director
    College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
    116 Agricultural Hall
    1450 Linden Drive
    Madison, WI 53706

Please Note

  • From your application or by departmental recommendation, the Scholarships and Loans Committee of the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences feels that you qualify for this award. CALS reserves the right to withdraw this award from students not meeting the scholarship’s criteria.
  • If you are not a full-time student during both semesters, your award may be appropriately prorated. You must remain enrolled in CALS and in the major(s) required by this award, if any.
  • This scholarship is for the upcoming academic year only. Students must complete a new application to be considered for college-wide and departmental awards for subsequent academic years.
  • This scholarship is part of your total UW-Madison financial award and each semester’s payment may affect other components of that award. For more information about your total financial award, contact the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid.
For more information about this scholarship or the acceptance process, please contact the CALS Scholarship Department at: