CALS gives thanks!

This year, we crowd-sourced images for our annual Thanksgiving card, inviting students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to submit letters of the alphabet they discovered around the CALS campus.

The following is a list of the photographers who contributed their images to our card, along with the subject of the photo.

Hannah Gerbitz


Major: Dairy Science & Life Sciences Communication

This iron scroll appears on the front of Washburn Observatory.

Hannah Gerbitz


Dairy Science & Life Sciences Communication

Column at the front entrance of Ag Hall

Ahna Skop

Associate professor


Petri dish illustration she created in her lab for a children’s book she is writing.

Lori Bocher

Dairy Science ’81

Information specialist at U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, Madison, WI

Photo of a cow at the USDA/CALS Dairy Forage Research Center in Prairie du Sac.

Joe McNamara


Major: Life Sciences Communication

Bench outside of Ag Hall.

Sevie Kenyon

Ag Journalism ’80, MS Life Sciences Communication ’06

Outreach specialist, CALS Office of External Relations, Madison, WI

Fall display in the bed outside of Ag Hall.

Kyle Rak

Graduate student

Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics

Pedestrian bridge spanning Campus Drive

Bryn Scriver

Landscape Architecture ’97

Outreach specialist for the UW-Madison Lakeshore Nature Preserve, Madison, WI

Tree branch found on the edge of Second Point Woods in the campus Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

Natalie Hinahara


Major: Environmental Studies & Art

Sensitive plant in the D.C. Smith Greenhouse.

Chris Day

Faculty associate


Illustration of a DNA strand on a Biotrek poster displayed during Science Expeditions now hanging in the Biotechnology Center on Henry Mall.